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Free tutorial site that teaches beginners how to use Autocad. It includes free blocks, symbols, tips, and more.

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Good source of engineering resource for engineers and designers

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A draftsman's notes on AutoCAD, Architecture and Drafting

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AutoCADMicroStation Conversion Services

Autocad conversion,Computer aided design, Computer aided design cad, Convert raster to vector, Autocad 2005, AutoCa… more

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CAD Digest - AutoCAD Tutorial Listing

Comprehensive listing of some of the best AutoCAD tutorials on the web.

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3dfilter - 3d Model and Texture Search

3dfilter searches all the best 3d model and texture sources on the web in one place. You can filter search resul… more

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Autodesk Discussion Groups

Autodesk's own discussion groups for all of their software.

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Civil Engineering AutoCAD blocks

A Dutch website with lots of AutoCAD blocks which are useful for all civil engineers.

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Advice on how to use AutoCAD. Tips, tricks, tutorials, and scripts that will make working quicker and easier.

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Govert's Tools

Govert has made some very useful plotting utilities over the years that he gracouisly allows the public to use. Ba… more

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