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AutoCAD Book: Digital Drawing for Designers

Clear, concise, and above all visual, this is the AutoCAD guide written with the real world of designing in mind. B… more

Full Listing Visited: 4,790 times | Rated: 5 times | Rating: 96% | Rate this link

CAD Digest - Sheet Set Tutorials

Lots of useful stuff about sheet sets.…

Full Listing Visited: 4,755 times | Rated: Once | Rating: 20% | Rate this link

Photoshop Digest

A great site with some really useful photoshop tutorials for free. The site is beautifully designed and the tutoria… more

Full Listing Visited: 4,743 times | Rated: Twice | Rating: 80% | Rate this link


Online library with free AutoCAD blocks.

Full Listing Visited: 4,709 times | Not yet rated | Rate this link

Raster to Vector DXF-EPS Tool - Magic Tracer

Raster to Vector Program that produces vector output for CAD, CNC, and design programs in DXF, EPS, etc.

Full Listing Visited: 4,631 times | Not yet rated | Rate this link

CAD Forum

Over 1.000 tips & tricks for AutoCAD in Q/A form, CAD utilities, LISP, VBA programming

Full Listing Visited: 4,572 times | Rated: 4 times | Rating: 100% | Rate this link

The Autodesk Informer

Not as active as many blogs but this one does appear to disclose some insider information. One to keep your eye on.

Full Listing Visited: 4,358 times | Not yet rated | Rate this link

Beth's CAD Blog

Beth is on amission to help us all improve our work with AutoCAD. Lots of useful information about CAD standards he… more

Full Listing Visited: 4,296 times | Rated: 4 times | Rating: 65% | Rate this link


Good source of engineering resource for engineers and designers

Full Listing Visited: 4,282 times | Rated: Once | Rating: 100% | Rate this link

Between The Lines

Superb blog by Shaan Hurley. Shaan is an Autodesk employee and the blog is stuffed full of useful articles and news… more

Full Listing Visited: 4,139 times | Rated: Once | Rating: 100% | Rate this link

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